Welcome to NablaBe.com!

I am Funda Sahin Nomaler.  After an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Electromechancics/Electromagnetics  (earned in 2001 at Eindhoven University of Technology) followed by 17 years of employment in the industry, I have started my own high-tech consultancy company, NablaBe Innovation B.V. in 2018.

As a technology specialist in electromechanics and a system architect, I have more than 20 years of experience in various application areas such as high precision systems (e.g., ASML), medical equipment and devices, personal care and domestic products (e.g., Philips). I worked on the design and development of electromagnetic actuators, such as planar, linear and rotational motors, energy harvesters, drives, and electromagnetic sensors. I have also been giving courses and tutorials on these subjects occasionally.

The patents (please click here to view) where I am listed as an inventor should give an idea about the competences that lie at the core of NablaBe Innovation B.V.

I am passionate about technology, and how it improves the lives of people in many ways. I am enthusiastic in new technologies and their implementation. I like working with customers to improve their products and technologies with a result-oriented mindset. This is what I have set out for by the foundation of NablaBe Innovation B.V. which, at the time being, offers the range of services listed below.


Magnetic Levitation Actuators

High Precision System Actuators

Magnetic & Electrostatic Solutions

Energy Harvesters

Motors and Generators

Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Mechatronics System Architecture