Design of Tailor-made Magnetic Levitation Actuators

  • Lorentz-based planar motors
  • Levitation systems based on reluctance actuators
  • Multi DOF (Degrees of Freedom) linear actuators
  • Rotational and translational motors

Design of Tailor-made High Precision System Actuators

  • Planar motors
  • Linear motors (permanent-magnet)
  • Linear motors (induction/asynchronous)
  • Short-stroke Lorentz actuators
  • Reluctance actuators (E-cores, C-cores, or other)

Magnetic and Electrostatic design for various applications

  • Magnetic shielding
  • Magnetic or Electrostatic sensor design
  • Magnetic and Electrostatic device design
  • Transformer design
  • Magnetic coupling (connection)
  • Eddy-current brakes/loads

Energy Harvester Design

  • Design of energy harvesters for your specific applications
  • Advice on energy storage units
  • Advice on energy harvester choice

Motor/Generator Design and Choice for your needs

  • Tailor made motor/generator design
    • Permanent-magnet DC/AC motors/generators
    • Induction motors (linear or rotary)
    • Switched-reluctance or hybrid-reluctance motors
    • Steppers
  • Advice on off-the shelf motor/generator and drives choice

Wireless Power Transfer System Design

  • Design of wireless power transformers
  • Advice on component choice

Mechatronics System Architecture

  • System architecture support
  • Advice on requirements management
  • Help create architecture concept designs